Innovative Entrepreneurship


Industrial Cooperation and Creative Engineering Education based on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation



Internal Deliverable 3.3

Learning Module: Innovative Entrepreneurship

Editor: Olga Savchenko

Roman Nesterenko

Executive Summary

This course provides for professional development of the Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Unemployed, Students of higher education in the field of engineering and postgraduates aimed at setting up a business on the basis of personal or collective scientific developments.

Program module “Innovative Entrepreneurship” provides the skills necessary for conducting business activities in science and technology sphere. Innovative Entrepreneurship is a business, based on the results of research and development on the use of intellectual property.

In the process of studying the course, training participants will have receiving the following skills and understanding:

– The specifics of entrepreneurial activity;
– Be able to solve problems in the creation of small and medium enterprises;
– Carry out market research and formulate policies to promote products on the market;
– Transform intellectual property rights in assets;
– Commercialize the results of research into a source of profit;
– Promote creative thinking and management ideas;
– Develop a business plan to attract investment.

During the implementation of the module, participants of the training will have intermediate laboratory work and final mini-project business plan. They will be executed in specialized software.


Course Objectives

The objectives of the course are formation of knowledge and skills necessary for entrepreneurial activity in innovative business. Training participants also will give an insight into the process of entrepreneurship that is the key to the organization of enterprises such as “start-up”. The mechanisms of the search and identify business opportunities, feasibility analysis of the project and writing a business plan, issues of intellectual property, creative management should be studied.

Course Content

Theoretical unit:

Theme 1 – Organizational forms of innovation activities

1.1. The term «organization of innovation”. Forms of innovations
1.2. The role of small, medium and big businesses in the implementation of innovations
1.3. Properties and organizational structure of an innovative enterprise

Theme 2 – Innovative ventures

2.1. Essence of innovative ventures
2.2. Innovations classification
2.3. Productivity of innovative ventures

Theme 3 – The concept of innovation project. Preparation of the investment proposals

3.1. The concept of innovation project and investment project cycle.
3.2. Types of investment projects
3.3. Preparation of investment proposal (business plan)
3.4. Miscalculations and common errors in the preparation of business proposals
3.5. Investment risks assessment

Theme 4 – Creativity in business

4.1. The essence of creative management
4.2. Basic approaches to understanding of creativity
4.3. Creative and entrepreneurial capacity building
4.4. Search and generation of new ideas
4.5. Ways of thinking
4.6. Heuristic methods as the creativity development basis

Theme 5 – Commercialization of innovative solutions and assessment of intellectual property rights

5.1. Intellectual property as intangible asset
5.2. Commercialization methods of intellectual property rights
5.3. Value assessment of intellectual property rights

Laboratory workshop:

Laboratory work # 1 – The Analysis of the Simulation Model of Financial and Economic Activities of a Consultancy Firm

Laboratory work # 2 – Modelling of the financial and economic activities of the newly created manufacturing enterprise

Laboratory work # 3 – Model Analysis of the Financial and Economic Activities of a Modernizing Joint-Stock Partnership

Final mini project: Development of investment business plan.


 savchenko Olga Savchenko

PhD in Economics, Professor of Business Administration and Personnel Management Department of National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”


Expertise: Innovations, HRM, Leadership, Management of creativity.


 nesterenko Roman Nesterenko

Senior lecture business administration and personnel management department, Director “Bureau of Entrepreneurship Development” of NTU “KhPI”


Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property Management, Business Planning.


 poberejnyi Roman Poberezhny

Assistant of Business Administration and Personnel Management Department of National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”


Expertise: Economic modeling, KPI, Business Planning, project management.