Laboratory for “Innovative Entrepreneurship” course

Laboratory of business planning

The main objects of business planning in the current economic intercourse are highly profitable and competitive innovative projects. Any innovative business project should have the appropriate business plan, the rationale for the optimal indexes of production and sales of goods and services both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Creation and development of new investment projects involves their preliminary feasibility study, subsequent planning of the required costs of their implementation and expected outcomes. Such tool as the business planning enables the project initiators not only to justify the need for the development of an innovative project, but also the possibility of its implementation in current market conditions.

Dedicated software will be used in carrying out laboratory works and preparation of a business plan.

Laboratory course:

1 The Analysis of the Simulation Model of Financial and Economic Activities of a Consultancy Firm

2 Modelling of the financial and economic activities of the newly created manufacturing enterprise

3 Model Analysis of the Financial and Economic Activities of a Modernizing Joint-Stock Partnership 

Final mini project: Development of investment business plan.